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New Video Highlights Restoration Techniques

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Discover the fascinating array of manual techniques used at Bacchelli Villa to excel in every step of a full classic car restoration. We are committed to preserving the Heritage of Craftmanship.

Panel Beating

Skilled artisans at Bacchelli & Villa excel in the art of shaping and forming panels thanks to the use of  tools such as the hammer, the sand bag, the wood stump and various presses. In particular, handmade 1:1 scale wireframes of the cars are used as a reference point and skeleton to shape the panels. Our workshop is famous for carefully respecting and restoring the proportions given by the Italian coachbuilders of the ’50s ’60 and ’70s.


Welding is needed to connect two pieces of iron or aluminum together. An expert welder will leave almost no trace of his work and seamlessly sew the two pieces to each other. Various welding machines and techniques are used in our workshop.

Filing & Grinding:

Once the body is close to completion, manual files and automatic grinders are used to smooth and even out the surface of the car.


In our four painting ovens, expert artisans prepare the car with a very thin layer of stucco, which is carefully assembled and disassembled and sanded over several days. Subsequently, the car is hand sprayed with layers of primers and only finally with the coat of high-quality paint selected by the customer.


In the very last stage of a classic car restoration, every panel, switch, knob, wire and button is re-assembled so that every component is perfectly functioning and every detail matches the client’s requests.



Bacchelli & Villa Inaugurates Renovated Facility Under MAG

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Ownership, clients, partners, friends and employees gather in Bastiglia (Modena) to inaugurate a new era of classic car restoration.

On the evening of Monday October 29th, Bacchelli & Villa opened the doors of its renovated state-of-the-art workshop, for the first time under Mattioli Auto Group ownership. A number of clients, partners, friends and employees from all-over the world responded to Giacomo Mattioli’s invite to witness the beginning of a new chapter in the shop’s rich history. Helped by a glass of local Lambrusco and a bite of Parmigiano, attendees were able to tour the entirety of the carrozzeria, observe all of its practical and cosmetic improvements and assist to a demonstration of panel beating during the evening.

In a brief speech, opened by thanking guests for attending despite the stormy weather, Mr. Mattioli outlined the importance of providing his craftsmen with an exceptional work environment, which in turn commends excellence in their daily work. He emphasized his love for the craftsmanship native to his hometown and the desire to protect it and propel it into the future by teaching the next generation. A special thanks goes to our Scuderia Corsa drivers, who visited us before the Finali Mondiali in Monza, best of luck to you! Right after, one of our masters, helped by two apprentices, awed the public by demonstrating how a 250 GT Lusso filone structure is used to model and beat the body panels into shape.

In the new configuration, every work area hosted a classic car in the different stages of restoration. At the entrance, guests were welcomed by a restored Lamborghini Miura SV, as well as a showcase aluminium body of the Ferrari 250 LM. Indoors, in the assembly bay, a completed red Ferrari 275 GTB long nose stoo next to a red Maserati Mistral Spyder. In the bodywork area, a Dino Sport Prototype occupied the graphed table, while a bare body 275 GTB (the 50th restored by B&V) shined mounted on a bridge. Next to it you could find the star of the night, the complete hand-built 250 GT Lusso wireframe bolted over an original chassis, used for the demonstration. Two more Lamborghini Miuras, two Maseratis and a Ferrari completed the display.

A new era is officially under way for the Heritage of Craftsmanship!

Celebrating all things Italian at the 2018 Concorso Italiano

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Monterey car week wouldn’t be complete without a generous dose of Italian flare; the best place for that is undoubtedly at Concorso Italiano! We were excited to celebrate the #33rd annual Concorso Italiano with our sister stores and a few new additions to the Mattioli Automotive Group. Bacchelli & Villa, Ferrari South Bay, Ferrari Silicon Valley, Ferrari Beverly Hills, Ferrari Westlake  and Collezione by MAG all joined forces to create an amazing VIP hospitality area, boutique and Ferrari display overlooking  the Ferrari pavilion.

Our eye catching Ferrari display contained a great sampling from the Mattioli Automotive Group’s many endeavors. Front and center was the brand new Ferrari Portofino sporting  impressive power from Ferrari’s award winning twin-turbo V8. Flanking the Boutique area was the Ferrari 488 GTB juxtaposed by its racing counterpart, the Scuderia Corsa 488 GT3 which had just returned from a valiant battle by Cooper MacNeil and Gunnar Jeannette at Virginia International Raceway where they took 4th place.

Opposite of these two sports cars was a bold blast from the past which was supplied by Collezione by MAG, our department that specialized in advising, sourcing and representing the finest Ferraris in the marketplace. This 1973 365 GTS/4 is the the 90th of just 121 Factory “Daytona Spiders”.

Complementing our display of stunning Ferrari automobiles were some examples of our fine work, delivered directly from our shop in Bastiglia (Modena). We showed off our skills with a 1:1 Ferrari 250 SWB wireframe, 1:3 Ferrari 250 SWB wireframe, and a miniature replica of the 599’s V12 engine.  Mr. Bacchelli and Mr. Arrighi also made the trip to represent the carrozzeria on American soil.  They spoke on the history of the shop along with the work that goes on to build the models on display.

Founded in 1972, Bacchelli & Villa is one of the most prestigious and renowned restoration shops in the world. Specializing in Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, you will find Bacchelli & Villa a few miles drive, through scenic Italian countryside, from the Factory.

Collezione by MAG is a dedicated Department specializing in advising, sourcing and representing the finest automobiles in the marketplace.

The duPont Registry: “Italian Restoration Shop Bacchelli & Villa made it to the United States”

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During this year’s Concorso Italiano at the Black Horse Golf Club, the duPont Registry had the chance to speak with Franco Bacchelli and our director Marco Arrighi. They were particularly impressed and intrigued by our wireframes! Read their article write up here.

Enjoy the read!

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The Classic Cars Journal: Function Follows Forms at Ferrari Restoration Specialist

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During this year’s Concorso Italiano at the Black Horse Golf Club, Larry Edsall, the editor for the Classic Car Journal had the chance to speak with Franco Bacchelli and our director Marco Arrighi. This interview, which focused on our traditional approach of restoring Italian cars, was published online on September 5th and can be found here.

Enjoy the read!

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Fresh From the Press: Cavallino Magazine on Bacchelli & Villa

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On its 225th issue (June/July 2018), Cavallino Magazine – one of the most respected sources of everything Ferrari for over 40 years – has covered the life of the “famous and revered” Bacchelli & Villa. Read about the journey of Bacchelli & Villa and its plans under the MAG Group through the eyes of Keith Bluemel and Cavallino Magazine:


“Carrozzeria Auto Sport (de Bacchelli & Villa), in Bastiglia to the north of Modena, was founded in 1972 by Franco Bacchelli & Roberto Villa, to maintain and repair sports and racing cars. Franco Bacchelli was the first employee at Piero Drogo’s Carrozzeria in 1960 where he worked for eleven years, whilst Roberto Villa learned his aluminum skills at the renowned Carrozzeria Scaglietti. As was well know, both of these companies had strong connections to the Factory… The surnames of the founders have always been synonymous with the maintenance, repair and restoration of the predominantly competition cars and quickly they built a reputation for the authenticity and quality of its work. This didn’t go unnoticed in at the Ferrari Factory, and only four years after starting their operation, in 1976, they were made an official Ferrari body shop. This was the start of an ongoing collaboration with the Ferrari Factory in Maranello and also the factory ‘s then Assistenza Clienti facility in Modena. After some privateer efforts at Le Mans with the 365 GT4 BB and the 512 BB by Luigi Chinetti’s North Americam Racing Team, the Ferrari factory agreed to produce a race version, which then became known as the 512 BB/LM. IN 1978 Bacchelli & Villa were awarded the contract by Ferrari ti construct these client race cars for their Assistenza Clienti department in Modena, as the Factory competition’s department was concentrated solely on F1. Between then and early 1982, a total of just three “normal” and twenty-five “silhouette” (with bodywork designed in Pininfarina’s wind tunnel) examples were produced, cementing the company’s close ties with Ferrari, with whom they have worked ever since in a number of veins.

Bacchelli & Villa has restored numerous significant road cars, including no less than fourty-nine 275 GTBs and a quarter of the total 250 LM production over the years. However, it hasn’t only been just Ferraris, but also other prestigious home brands like Lamborghini and Maserati, including a fine Maserati Quattroporte for ex-Ferrari F1 driver Rene’ Arnoux, a Maserati A6GCS with Frua coachwork that won Best in Show at Villa d’Este in 2003 and an ex Shah of Persia Maserati 5000 GT. 

In 2005 they became a Ferrari Classiche Preferred Body Shop, and since that time they have carried out bodywork restorations on a number of significant Ferraris for the Classiche department, such as the ex-Stee McQueen 275 GTB/4 to its original Berlinetta configuration – after a subsequent owner had it converted to a spyder – a pair of 250 LM, one of which achieved Platinum and won the Coppa Dodici Cilindri award at the 2014 Cavallino Classic, a 250 GT SWB Berlinetta and a 250 GTO.”

To be continued…

The next time you are in Maranello, we would love to have you as our guest and give you a personalized tour of the Bacchelli & Villa restoration shop. For additional information Bacchelli & Villa, please do not hesitate to reach out at

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The San Marino Motor Classic

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Bacchelli & Villa, Collezione by MAG, and Ferrari Beverly Hills spent an enjoyable day at the 8th annual San Marino Motor Classic.

Arranged in 400 classes, over 200 stunning classics were lined around the stunningly luscious Lacy Park. The crowd was blessed with a perfect California day and the participation once again showed why Southern California car culture is so unparalleled. The Bacchelli & Villa and Collezione tent offered shade for the tired families and allowed them to admire our 1973 Daytona Spider and the 250 SWB 1:1 wireframe, while kicking their feet up.

Throughout the day, the Mattioli Auto Group team admired the many Ferraris in attendance and deliberated that the first “Bacchelli & Villa Award” should go to a unique 365 GTB/4 finished in Bianco. Astunning color we had never seen on a Daytona, well deserved! Please admire the beautiful shots in the gallery below.

Until next year!

A fascinating Journey from restoration to the Mille Miglia

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As the most beautiful race in the world has just concluded in Brescia, the Mille Miglia is probably in the Bucket list of every Classic Cars fans and drivers.

Leaving (and arriving) from the original point of departure in Viale Venezia in Brescia, the 2018 has taken place on May 16-19 touching Cervia/Milano Marittima, the eternal city of Rome and Parma in a 1,000 miles trip similar to the original race which took place 24 times from 1927 to 1957.

In celebrating Mille Miglia, Bacchelli & Villa had the honor of following the journey of Marc Newson and its 1955 Ferrari 857 S, restored at Bacchelli & Villa in 2016. Relive the fascinating journey from restoration to the legendary classic car race with the gallery below. Enjoy & #VivaMilleMiglia!




Sports Car Market on Bacchelli & Villa: From Beverly Hills to Bastiglia

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A California-based Ferrari dealer makes a big Italian connection

The Mattioli Automotive Group is going back to its Italian roots with the purchase of the world-famous Bacchelli & Villa restoration shop in Bastiglia, near
Maranello, Italy. Mattioli is known for amazing Ferrari dealerships in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, South Bay and Silicon Valley in California. The company is now positioned to restore Ferraris in the birthplace of Ferraris. Franco Bacchelli, who founded Bacchelli & Villa with his now-deceased cousin Roberto Villa in 1972, said Mattioli is committed to local craftsmen and their tradition of excellence. “People are magic, and here they have a unique gift,” Bacchelli said.

“That is the love they put in everything they do.” You can always train a new worker to be good, but it’s far better to train someone who knows and lives the local passion for work well done, Bacchelli said. “This is why, in this shop, the job interview is in the local dialect,” Bacchelli said. “And we ask whether the tortellini are hand made at home.” Bacchelli started working on top-notch Italian sports cars in 1958. “I turned 14 and, with my dad, took the bus to go to Modena to look
for a job for me,” Bacchelli said. “The first place we entered — it was the closest to the bus stop — was Piero Drogo’s shop. I remained, and learned my work until 1972, when, after military service, I decided to open my shop.” Eventually, Bacchelli & Villa teamed up with Ferrari to repair and build cars, including the Ferrari 512 BB Le Mans cars. In 1995, Bacchelli & Villa entered the restoration business. Soon, cars that needed a new life started flowing into the shop.

Ferrari collectors such as Jacques Swaters and Charles Pozzi were the first to send their cars to the shop for restoration. Col. Ronnie O’Hare, Luigi Chinetti and Paul Pappalardo also sent cars. Bacchelli & Villa have restored 49 Ferrari 275 GTB cars, and they hope to soon start bringing the 50th back to life.
A connection with Mattioli Automotive Group’s Ferrari dealerships in California — the largest Ferrari market in the world — ensures that business in Bastiglia will be brisk. “Now, with the new organization offered with MAG,we can imagine an even better and more successful future, and I’m absolutely thrilled for my workers,” Bacchelli said. “Many of the second generation is working here, and I’ve been able offer them a safe future with Giacomo Mattioli and the Mattioli Automotive Group.” In return, American Ferrari owners will get topnotch restorations from technicians who grew up building and repairing Ferrari cars, said Marco Arrighi, who is the new director at Bacchelli & Villa.

Arrighi is taking over the shop after almost 39 years at Ferrari, and he plans to maintain and expand the already high level of craftsmanship. “The project was too beautiful and interesting to say no,” he said. “We use the same materials of the past, the same tools, and sometimes, the hands of the son of the man who did the car back in period.” American restorers are considered some of the best in the world, so how does an old-school shop near Modena, Italy, attract business from the United States and around the world?

“When I first started working here, one of the first things Franco Bacchelli shared with me was the deep emotion he felt when Paul Russell, one of the most capable and renowned American restoration shops, visited this shop and congratulated him for the quality of the work,” Arrighi said. “We know the cars from when they were new and how they were made.” Still, quality standards have increased over the decades, and Bacchelli & Villa has improved with the times.
“If we repaint a car as was done in 1960, with the same lack of attention to detail, we would be out of business in a very short time,” Arrighi said.“The cars we restore are absolutely original, in every single detail, but they have a finish quality that is definitely better than original.” The shop’s goal is to work closely with the California-based Ferrari dealerships — and offer fantastic restorations to world-class cars and demanding customers.
“We’d love to have a 250 GTO in the restoration shop, as so far we have done only one, a 1964 car,” Arrighi said. “And we’d like to have some SWBs — the most
beautiful car ever.” Arrighi has a personal connection with lots of Ferrari cars, but he’s eager to see one
model in particular enter the shop. “I have a special relationship with the 288 GTO because I was the one in charge of
the preparation and the start of its production line,” Arrighi said. ♦
Story and Photos by Massimo Delbo’ @ SportsCarMagazine

Bacchelli & Villa and Collezione at the 27th Cavallino Classics

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Bacchelli & Villa and Collezione BY MAG in attendance at the 27th Cavallino Classics

On Saturday January 27th, the newest addition to Mattioli Automotive Group, Bacchelli & Villa, together with Collezione BY MAG have joined forced at Cavallino Classics for a full week of cars-talk and world-class collectibles.

Held at the famed The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, FL, Cavallino Classics is considered one of the most important Concourse d’Elegance in the United States and the year opener appointment for the most discerning cars collectors. 

More than 140 Ferraris will be entering the Concorso d’Eleganza on the lawn at the Breakers Hotel – including our Collezione By MAG 1962 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series II by Pininfarina – for the prestigious Platinum Award and collect honors in 10+ dedicated Ferrari classes.

Mr. Franco Bacchelli was in attendance to represent Bacchelli & Villa in the United States, together with Director Marco Arrighi and Collezione By MAG General Manager, James Del Pozzo. Particularly Mr. Bacchelli was excited to sharing many projects and unique memories that made history in the sports and racing cars restoration world.

As always, Forza Ferrari! And looking forward to the next event!