New Video Highlights Restoration Techniques

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Discover the fascinating array of manual techniques used at Bacchelli Villa to excel in every step of a full classic car restoration. We are committed to preserving the Heritage of Craftmanship.

Panel Beating

Skilled artisans at Bacchelli & Villa excel in the art of shaping and forming panels thanks to the use of  tools such as the hammer, the sand bag, the wood stump and various presses. In particular, handmade 1:1 scale wireframes of the cars are used as a reference point and skeleton to shape the panels. Our workshop is famous for carefully respecting and restoring the proportions given by the Italian coachbuilders of the ’50s ’60 and ’70s.


Welding is needed to connect two pieces of iron or aluminum together. An expert welder will leave almost no trace of his work and seamlessly sew the two pieces to each other. Various welding machines and techniques are used in our workshop.

Filing & Grinding:

Once the body is close to completion, manual files and automatic grinders are used to smooth and even out the surface of the car.


In our four painting ovens, expert artisans prepare the car with a very thin layer of stucco, which is carefully assembled and disassembled and sanded over several days. Subsequently, the car is hand sprayed with layers of primers and only finally with the coat of high-quality paint selected by the customer.


In the very last stage of a classic car restoration, every panel, switch, knob, wire and button is re-assembled so that every component is perfectly functioning and every detail matches the client’s requests.



Bacchelli & Villa Heritage

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The Heritage of Craftmanship. Discover the History behind Bacchelli & Villa. Founded in 1972, Bacchelli & Villa is one of the most prestigious and renowned restoration shops in the world.  Specializing in Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, you will find Bacchelli & Villa a few miles drive, through scenic Italian countryside, from the Factory