When Ferrari Westlake friend and client David Nelson purchased his 1951 Ferrari 212 Inter back in 1988 in Los Angeles, the car was an absolute basket case, literally bought out of an L.A. junkyard, and while it came with its non-original later 212 engine block, it had no motor or transmission.


Nelson arranged to send the car  to his friend Franco Bacchelli at what was then known as AutoSport in Bastiglia (MO) Italy, for a total ‘nuts and bolts’ restoration, which was performed in two tranches into the 1990’s and in 2014 which brought the 1951 Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia Body Alloy Coupe you’ll see at this year Pebble Beach Concourse. It was taken back to its original configuration, down to the original silver-blue color the car had at the 1952 Torino Auto Show for the factory.


The car was successfully showed at the 2013 Amelia Island and nearly won its class, settling for 2nd place in class. At that time, its V-12 engine s/n 0145E was found and the car will be soon complete its red book Ferrari Classiche Certification process.


As David says “This was an effort that could not have been done without the talented efforts of Franco Bacchelli and Roberto Villa of current Bacchelli & Villa fame, and with the tireless efforts and help from many friends and experts back in Italy.” And we are grateful to David for the longtime trust and friendships to Bacchelli & Villa, Ferrari Westlake and Mattioli Auto Group and for sharing his story and passion with us.